Directories and Staff Profiles

Directories and Staff Profiles

To update staff profiles online, find the Staff Profile section on the right navigation menu. Selecting Staff Profile will show you the list of all staff. If you need to make major updates to the directory template, please send the changes in an Excel file.

Updating a Staff Profile
1. Find the staff profile you’d like to update by searching their name.

2. After finding the profile you would like to update, hover over their name. While hovering, you will see the options to: Edit, Quick Edit, Trash, and View.

3. Select Edit. Here you can update a staff member’s name, contact details and change the featured image.


4. Featured Image: To change a staff members profile picture, click on the existing image found on the right hand side of the Profile window. This will open the Media Gallery. Update an image by selecting an existing item in the gallery, or upload a new file. The desired dimensions of the file are 640 x 800.

Once you’ve made the necessary updates to the image, select Set Featured Image. You will be redirected to the profile where you can then save and update.

5. On the Edit Profile page, scroll down to find Staff Profile Details. In this section, you can update the following fields:
a. Change the Staff Title
b. Add a Phone Number
c. Update an Email
d. Add additional web links as desired.
Keep in mind that you may want your staff directory information as uniform as possible for the visual appeal and standard expectations for your community.


6. Specializations: This field is what links the staff profile to the appropriate department landing page. Options are currently created based on the original files submitted.

If you need to add additional Specializations, please submit a ticket and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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